Abstract: We revisit a public key scheme presented by Shamir in 1994 (and simultaneously by Naccache in 1992) and examine its applicability for general-purpose RFID tags in the supply chain. Using a combination of new and established spacesaving methods, we present a full-edged public key identification scheme, which is secure yet highly efficient. The 1024-bit scheme fits completely (including RAM) into 4682 gate equivalents and has a mean current consumption of
14.2 uA. The main novelty in our implementation is the replacement of the long pseudo-random sequence, originally stored on 260 bytes of EEPROM, by a reversible stream cipher using less than 300 bits of RAM. We show how our scheme offers tag-to-reader and reader-to-tag authentication and how it can be fit into the existing RFID supply chain infrastructure.

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Topic Group - WIPR: [RFIDSec '08 (5705 GEs)] [ACM WiSec '09 (4700 GEs)][IEEE RFID 2011 (practical μC implementation)]