The files in this archive contain OPB instance files for performing a Tolerant Algebraic Side-Channel Attack (TASCA) on the Keeloq cipher.

All files were tested using SCIPspx version 1.2.0 for Windows x64.  The correct outputs are also included in the corresponding .txt files.

The average solving time of each instance is provided below:

Instance Solving Time
90_rounds_0_errors 22 seconds
90_rounds_5_errors 22 seconds
90_rounds_10_errors 149 seconds
90_rounds_15_errors 2990 seconds (49 minutes)

 If you use these instances in your research, please cite our paper (.bib file included for your convenience)


Topic Group - TASCA: [CHES 2010 (Keeloq)](+instances) [ePrint 2012 (AES)] [CHES 2012 (Template-TASCA)](+instances)[HASP 2013 (Practical Evaluation)]