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Why study security?

Security research is not just fun: it can have a real impact on keeping our society free and safe. My specific field of study, implementation security, deals with studying the security of actual physical systems, both by attacking them and by proposing ways to defend against attacks. Even the best, most secure algorithm is useless if it's not implemented carefully, and our job is to make sure that happens.

Why study at BGU?

Because other students who did it had a great time.

Why should you join my lab?

Some research groups have a very famous boss with a huge budget, a strictly defined research agenda and lots of academic connections. If you join my lab, you'll get none of that! Instead, you'll get to play with a lot of cool toys and have the opportunity to work in a friendly group where your individual contribution can really make a difference. A generous stipend will be offered to appropriate candidates.

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Current Graduate Researchers

Current Undergraduate Researchers

  • Noy Bracha, Ran Shamay, Michael Ben-David and Roni Benoz: Interesting project #1
  • Tomer Cohen, Naor Tedgi and Yonatan Menachem: Interesting project #2
  • Anatoly Shusterman and Yarden Haskel: Interesting project #3

Former Undergraduate Researchers

  • Moriya Sa'ar, Gal Benedek and Moti Elishai: The PINPad Project.

Lab photo December 2015. From left: Amir, Benny, Yossi, Omer.