Teleconference Access to the Security Theater

Do you want to watch the Security Theater movies but find it hard to come to TAU in the middle of the day? Well, rejoice, for now remote access to the theater is available!

During the Movie

The Security Theater (both the movie and the discussion) will be streamed live using the TAU Video Server. To connect to the stream simply point your browser at mms://

For the best performance on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, please use the VLC Media Player to connect to the stream.  Please note that there is an encoding delay of 10-20 seconds.

After the Movie

The real-time discussion after the movie will be held via Skype teleconference. If you want to participate, please send a personal message to me via Skype (yossi.oren) and I'll add you to the teleconference as soon as the video stops playing.


Did you participate in the Security Theater remotely? Please let me know how you liked it!